I keep having these two dreams — they almost pick up right where they leave off each time have them. The first one is that Tim and I buy another house. It’s more of an old, rambling house with lots of sunlight and wood. The house needs a little work, but it’s bigger and nicer than the memory of my own house. Of course I realize somewhere along there — that we didn’t need a new house, but it was already done. Spur of the moment.

The second dream is a large apartment for 750 — it’s the top floor of a house and it has no windows. It’s fueled by wood heating, it’s an open plan with only the room and bathroom — off to the side. Tim and I are trying to justify why we should move here. We would save money — but what are we saving it for? I looked it over and over … inspecting everything but in the end decide that its stupid to move to an apartment when we already have a house.

These are different than my regular house dreams in which I find whole new floors with tons of rooms either in the basement, or the attic or in the shed, or behind a door I never thought to open or on the roof. Those all (according to internet research) symbolize budding interests/talents/skills what have you inside yourself.

But the new house? I can’t quite understand what the internet is telling me on that note.


I cleaned today. Watched Comedy Presents, Simon Birch and cut the rubber edges off of my new stamps. I slept in to the sound of the rain — and felt kind of bad that we had to disappoint Pluto by denying him a trip to the dog park. The rain just wouldn’t stop and mud is a recipe for slipping and hurting the dog …or at the very least getting him very, very dirty.

I was really hungry and toasted two small leftover pancakes and microwaved a small potato. I feel better now, but would rather hurry up and make dinner. Too bad DH isn’t home yet — he still off being a nerd. But now that I think about it, maybe I am more in need of a nap. The silverware can be washed later.

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