Hey what’s up?

I guess if you get here from wazika, then you have noticed there are few changes. The biggest one (aside from that photo being gone) is that the photo’s link now takes you to the gallery. I took Eric’s advice and put all the old photos into that..it’s much easier to move around and organize. Since I only did it this weekend, I am still in the process of organizing the old photos and arranging everything just so.

In any case, I haven noticed that some folks found them regardless of me having to announce it. If you see something you really want taken down, let me know and I’ll remove it. In fact there are some photos on there that I want to remove that weren’t on the orginal pages I had made for them. That’s what you get with a lazy weblady.

End of January Week in Photos

Hm. That said, it was a busy weekend. I had dinner at the Majarada (totally sp’d!) — an indian food resturant….I’ve had better, followed by the breaking of another fake vow — not to go to leather and lace again. I did go again, but you know what? With the new redecoration of the Inferno, it wasn’t that bad. I could still probably do without the smoking, but that is just because I hate washing my hair. My friend Laima and I even stayed until 1:00 dancing. Then when I was leaving…rather looking for Laima to leave — Paul found me! Man, I haven’t seen HIM in ages. He is still the cad he ever was, but I still can’t help from liking the guy. I met him on the internet back when I was looking for friends while living in Chicago. It’s interesting to think about how many people I have met and known because of the internet. Hilary is one of them. My first boyfriend was too, and all the folks I met in the Czech. I am sure if I really thought about it, I could think of a lot of people.

Sunday was full of house. I didn’t leave it. It was too cold out — and I would daresay it’s too cold out now. I am so not into walking the Pludes and the time I could have used to take a quick cat nap has been sqaundered by posting here.

But consider this — now you have PICTURES to look at. Doesn’t that take the sting away, a little?

I’ll post again tomorrow. Promise! But not until the afternoon.

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