I watched Word Wars last night — and while the documentary wasn’t that stellar — I was strangely attracted to GI Joel Sherman. I wonder if he’s found a woman with all the scrabble success he has enjoyed.

Speaking of which, I might weasel my way out of hosting the next scrabble (although it IS my turn) because one of the other word nerds might have drunkily said he would host it. That would be awesome! Since a few of the scrabble people are allergic to pets – I feel it is my duty as a hostess to dust, swift, vacuum and mop the place to bits. Which I don’t mind doing, because…uh…as you all know it’s like that ALL the time. ;)

Headaches still plague me. I wonder if I need to stop drinking caffeine…I’ve cut down to once cup a day starting today. I am going to try and keep it that way. It’s hard though when your main activity is going out for coffee. Although yes, all the coffee houses DO have decaf. I have to go back to that habit.

I got some awesome mail yesterday — my Mom sent a fingerwoven purse lined with red. It’s neat, but it smelled so strongly of cigarette smoke that I had to gener-breeze it. I think the stuff is called RenuZit — and it’s better than frebreez if you ask me. Smells better at least. I also got a letter from my longest/oldest penpal Gale, and a handmade valentines card from Jessie with a bookmark that I am now using to read – Storm of Swords. I can’t believe I am already well into book three…this is going to go by quickly (and these aren’t small books — average 600-800 pages) before I can dig into my Feast of Crows christmas present.

Yesterday afternoon brought an impromptu coffee with an old friend Amy who just moved back to Madison this weekend. We went to the Hippy Joint with her two kids (I do love that room they have) to drink a decaf and chat for an hour. Then I went to TKD and the headache stayed off until I got home, in which case I told Tim he was making dinner. In turn, he called domino’s and we had pizza. I love two for tuesdays coupons — they never even ask for the coupon either. Of course knowing that, we still don’t call on Tuesdays for pizza if we don’t have an updated coupon. Because you never know when they might ask.

What a boring post (and yet you still read it).

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