I have double standards. I expect everyone to update at least every other day and then don’t do it myself. But I really make an effort to do it — just looking at some of my friends links — there are some who haven’t updated since the beginning of last month or worse! I guess I need to turn my attention elsewhere to find things to read in these rare moments when I have free time.

Tonight we are going to Chicago to visit with old friends and go to the Field Museum. Last night we dropped off Pluto — or as the dog sitters call him: Black Jack. If you see in the first week of January photos, there is a spotted cow dog — that’s Jack. Pluto and Jack are very much alike in temperament. They are virtually the same dog, just different colors. Maybe when we get back and Pluto is home he won’t take me granted, and actually get off his ass to greet me at the door. All last week, when I came home he barely lifted his head from the futon to look at me. Once he didn’t even do that!

At least Migo loves me. She does one of those cute cat “merps” at me and blinks sleepily from the scarf/hat/glove bin that she’s sleeping in.

I had a margarita as big as my head at the West Side Pedro’s last night. It’s the hot spot for all the worker bee’s because of the 1/2 price drink specials. They had a DJ and the place was brimful of 20 somethings. I even saw a few singles out on the dance floor shaking it MTV style (which is to say badly). I also saw that they had a headed tent for the smokers — apparently that is the new rage around here. It was a nice time — the occasion was Tim meeting up with old colleagues from his last place of employment. One of them, Jeremy – whom Tim skated with after work for awhile, and once joined us to ice skate was there. Actually I think it was him that invited Tim (and subsequently me). He asked how the TKD thing was going and that got us talking about it. He’s a black belt who hasn’t practiced in quite sometime — and yet I was able to convince him to come over and spar with in the next month. How cool would that be?! In return, I said that Tim and I would go rock/wall climbing with him at the Boulder’s Gym at a late date. I think it’s only fair to exchange activities like that, don’t you?

Next Wednesday I am not going to spar because I will be going with Ma’am to the HoChunk local office and see if we can’t get the Ring’s some money — and me some extra funds to cover lessons. I didn’t go this past Wednesday because of the killer two week headache.

I’ve cut out caffeine and splenda right now to see if that won’t help it. I have also started meditating to try and get rid of it. I have only done that meditating thing yesterday and today — but something is working …. the headache is gone. GONE, I tell you. It’s such a sweet feeling to not have it weighing down on my brain.

Tim’s parent’s got another dog. I can’t tell you how … speechless I was when I found that out. These are the same irresponsible people who acquired 7 dogs in the course of 1-2 years and then when they got tired of them tried to pawn them off on their kids. There was:

Ludo who went to Phil.
Amos who went to Sarah.
Broshi who went to Rebekah.
Hoggle – who now at Ben’s girlfriend’s place.
Tigger – who went to our neighbors.
Toby who went one of Sarah’s coworker’s families.
Schnitzel – an over bred mini dachund that died from genetic failings
Casi – a miniature Chihuahua
Carmelita – another miniature chihuahua they got to replace schnitzel — and I might add got RIGHT before they were to be evicted and was subsequently homeless for two months….the dogs stayed at the elementary school his mother teaches at.

And now…..they just got another miniature chihuahua, for a total of three small dogs.

Luckily they got a temporary job up north for 1.5 years….but what are they gonna do afterwards when they have to move? Shunt the dogs off again? How many want to take bets on how many MORE dogs they are going to acquire while they are living there? It’s absolutely sickening.

Anyway. After work, I am going to go home, finish doing the laundry. Pack and … I don’t know. To be honest, I really wouldn’t mind being gone right now.

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