I am feeling under the weather. I got another cold Sunday night — yesterday and today are pretty much me being tired and very much a homebody. I am cooking a soup in the crock pot — I just threw stuff in there, ingrediants are: black beans, chicken, chicken broth, water, salt, pepper, green onions, garlic, sweet potato and a can of tomato sauce. I hope it turns out. I wish I could smell if it was turning out…I guess I’ll know in six more hours when DH tastes it.

Chicago weekend was good, ate out too much — but it’s a special occasion…so it’s okay. Pompeii was cool. Nice to see old friends — I have photo’s so I’ll save more details about the trip for those captions.

I started working out again yesterday (real slow cos I = sick) and today I am sore. I almost convinced myself that I have the flu, but that isn’t the case. Just a head cold. Still.

I am feeling pretty hermity.

Drama bit for today: I have realized the empty phone calls that I had been getting in the afternoons have ceased. Two weeks ago I called out the person I think it was. Good. I hope it stays that way. What is that phrase? Let sleeping dogs lie.

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