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Oh man, there are so many thoughts buzzing around in my head today. It’s a snow day! Sister in law Sarah called this morning and cancelled babysitting. Apparently when the public schools are cancelled then the gym is closed (she works for a gymnastics gym). Anyway…so waking up this morning was nice. I could have slept in more, but the DH wouldn’t have it. I was commanded to get up and “eat a proper bowl of cereal.”

I did. I had some Marshmallow matey’s and watched the Today show. I counted … that Kildore? The woman who had the accident during the prelim’s? Well today they showed the accident — for when I started counting 19 times. Several of those was three times in a row. Sheesh. I bet if I had watched the whole show it would have been higher.

Scrabble is cancelled tonight. Last night I had made two pumpkin pies — so this morning there are two delicious pumpkin pies in the fridge. I just decided to have a piece, and it’s awesome. But…what am I going to do with two pumpkin pies? I don’t think they freeze well….damnit. While I would the challenge of eating two pies, I don’t think that is wise. I need to get rid of one of them. Who want’s a pumpkin pie?

Last night I went with the Rings TKD people to the Madison Area Ho Chunk meeting (where I learned, meets once a month on the second full Wednesday of the month). God what a unorganized bunch of people. Sometimes it infuriates me to think that we settle for anything less than …. I don’t know. There were people that showed up for the sake of getting paid to attend, and those people were playing video games on their phones or listening to their IPODS. Out of about 16-18 people that attended only 9 voted. The rest didn’t even raise their hands for abstaining because they were too involved in their technology games. Just because we got our asses handed to us a hundred years ago does not mean that we should still act like it. It’s time like this that my own people really baffle me. Fight! Don’t do what they expect you do. Wallowing in self pity and congratulating ourselves for not knowing the white man’s way is just the recipe for extinguishing ourselves for good. I had half a mind to never go back (now that I know when and where the meetings are) because …. do I really want to be part of that? Then again, I gladly take the money they offer me, the interest I get from people when they learn I am Native, and the pride when one of us does make it. Is that fair to just take the good and leave the empty? No. I think I’ll go back. I don’t care what they think of me, I am going to ask questions and vote on every thing I can. At least then I get to keep my self righteous opinions.

I am drinking a half caff coffee that I made myself this morning. It’s decaf maxwell house/highland grog. It’s awesome is what it really is.

Happy Birthday to Pluto — he’s six today. He is now exactly middle aged for a greyhound. I think we’ll give him a bully stick and go schlep in the snow a bit later. He’s a snow dog, and as long as it isn’t too cold, he likes to go out in it. We can at least go for a little walk around the block. I do have snow boots after all. Today would be an awesome day to go sledding. I wish there were wee kids to go sledding with in my area.

I was thinking of doing taxes today. I have all the stuff. All I need to do is download the software, clean off the desk and get to it. I think my mood is good enough for it. My cold feels like it ended last night around 7ish. I immediately started to feel better by the hour. It’ was crazy! I know that you can feel better that dramatically when recovering from a hangover, but I didn’t expect it to happen with a head cold.

My nose is filled with that heavy snot right now. I took a little bit of robitussin without any letters to try and break it up. I might have to do something else…something drastic…like…I don’t know. Exercise? Take a shower..oh that might work.

Boy I had a TON of things to say earlier…and now they have filtered away. I suppose. I should get to updating the photos. That always take a little time. I also need to figure out how to save tceku posts since I am getting rid of the current format. I give up — the spam wins. I need to switch to a system that doesn’t have such problems with spam.

Oh, and gmail chat rocks!

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