We did jack sqaut all weekend — well, except for the whole driving to the border of Illnois (missed our stop) on the way to Lake Geneva to pick up a pair of greyhounds to transfer to La Crosse. It was too cold to walk dogs, so we didn’t. However, our services as a courier service are invaluable. ;)

The rest of the weekend was spent: reading, napping, sleeping, eating, watching some tv, a little bit of video games and more reading. I am not finally digging into A Feast for Crows — a christmas present from my dear husband. After finishing a Storm of Swords this afternoon, I contemplated going right on to the book…but instead forced myself to slow down. So I watched a movie — Five People You Meet in Heaven and knitted. Then I got hungry and made sketti with ground turkey, onions and garlic. The next movie was the Sixth Sense (the extended version) After a while I got bored and decided to cut apples to dehydrate. Since I had the apples out, I figured I should do something with them (not all were needed to be cut up and put in the dehydrator), so I thought I’d made Apple Dumplings.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have outdone myself. Every week I try to bake something delicious — recent items have been: pumpkin pie, banana bread, sugarfree cherry pie/tarts … I think there was something else…no wait, I bought that…a cake. It was good.

These apple dumplings are amazing! I am going to bring two to Sarah and Luke, one is for Hilary and I thought Laima would like the other. Then one more for the DH and I.

Okay. That’s all I wanted to say. Good night.

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