Things are not going as well as can be expected today. Or yesterday for that matter. Tim and I both decided to fire yesterday. “March 1, 2006? Pack your bags and never return.”

I am glad it took our advice. But to be truthful? March 2 isn’t shaping up to be all that either. For one, this post is being written someplace other than blogger because there seems to be issues. I almost used it as an excuse to not post but I figured that was bullshit. I can write just as well right now. I kind of need to reorder my thoughts and strengthen my resolve to make today useful in some way. Make a day that is full of cleaning and organizing if nothing else.

There are issues with Tim’s job that aren’t as great as we would like them to be. Any issues that you have with ANY job can be translated into stress. We have been eating horribly the last two weeks, and by horrible I mean great. As in good food that is probably bad for you. I know we should stop, take a step back and reground ourselves, but how can you reground yourself when you feel like you are falling out of a plane? Day after day, but never hitting the ground.

Okay, that is a little more dramatic than I intended. I guess a better way to put it…is that we are wandering in a foggy forest…and blah blah. It’s spring fever. That’s is what it is. The fever heightened a tad today when I awoke to see it snowing. Overcast, grey and cold again.

I am also feeling kind of bad because of that cold I had last week or the week prior. Part of it decided to make a home in my head and I think I have a sinus infection or something. My head feels like pressurized pain, my lymph nodes are acting funny and over all Tim is sick of hearing about it. Moreover, I am sick of feeling like it. I was going to research for a herbal or home remedy way of fixing this problem, but I haven’t yet. I have decided to stop taking antihistamines in the hopes that whatever the problem is, it will run it’s course instead of having me stop it in it’s tracks with drugs.

Plus, I have a zit on my chin. It came this week and has decided not to go anywhere for the next few days. I am too OLD for this! Make it stop! Speaking of old, I have dry hands. This is the first year I ever considered dry enough to put lotion on whenever I think of it. Normally I just scratch the word dry on my hand, laugh and go about my business. But when your darling exclaims “Whoa dry corpse hands!” then you reconsider.

My miniresolve is to not complain at all about any health related thing for two weeks. Nothing. Nada. I am tired of Tim saying “you are always sick with one thing or another.” Now I don’t think it’s as bad as say my Mom or several friends I know — but it must be something for him to even say it once. Right? Right.

I am feeling like a martyr, and a hermit.

Today I am going to … just clean. Walk around the house and clean and do things that I see that need to be done. To help me with this worthy goal, I put on some nice soothing music from the X-box – a collection of a lot of my instrumental music, on random. It should go for 6 hours or more… I was thinking of lighting some incense too. If it can’t be toasty warm in this house, I can trick myself into thinking it IS toasty warm by burning some wood smoke incense.

I have also been working on backing up/archiving all the posts in tceku. I plan on bombing the current site and layout and replacing it with something MUCH simpler to use.

Omg — and now I have gotten an email that has made me feel like a horribly jealous human being.

Sometimes I think just being human can be the hardest job of all.

1:00 PM —- I am just going to keep adding to this post as long as it takes blogger to get it’s crap together. But since I am mostly just whining right now, I should go and take a shower. A nice HOT one that will warm me up.

1:46PM —-Sqeakified. Hm I was thinking about making tea, but instead decided to write down every little chore I have done or plan to do today. Okay, I am going to start and make some bread. Also to find my rings and put them back on, and some lotion. :(

2:25PM — I cleaned Pluto’s eating station–scrubbed bowls and wooden stand, washed pantry cupboards and wall beside it, scrubbed the floor extra hard. 2. Made lemon ginger tea 3. Started Egg Rolls bread 3. Cleaned off counter where I will have to roll and beat up my egg roll bread. 4. Put away dishes in drainer. 5. Thought about when I will start squash soup and how I will make it.

2:43: Cleaned mirrors, glass pictures, glass tabletop, and windows that aren’t plastic’d. Wiped off kitchen appliances. Pour myself a cup of tea with hunny. Chatted with my darling about crappy work situations. Wrote a few emails. Wrote a congratulations on your baby card.

3:37 – Rolled, cut and put buns in the a warm oven for stage two of buns. Thinking about whipping up some kind of a sweet roll while I have the machine out and prepped. Eating a clementine.

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