5: 25 PM Damnit! I had another update going on and accidently hit the control key. I have no idea what it is supposed to really do, but it always seems to mess everything up and then I lose it. I hate that! Alright, from memory…

My buns weren’t as awesome I was thinking they would be. They taste like normal egg buns/bread. Dang. I guess I got into my head that it was going to be sweet (although a friend of mine gave an indication that I might be having TOO many sweets…) I am making a Portuguese sweet bread right now — it’s in the dough stage. I am looking forward to the tasting stage (just a small taste). I also started the soup. I put 3 cups of water, 1 can low sodium chicken broth, two carrots, an onion, and a big cut up yam into a pot to boil and simmer. When it gets soft I plan on blending it and then adding the frozen/already cooked squash….and some garam masala. Yeah! Maybe a little curry powder … and then see what happens.

But it’s going to have to sit while I am at tkd…although…I could throw it in the crock pot on low to cook while I am gone and let the spices spread….yeah….good idea.

Also, other things done….washed and dried dishes, put them away. Wiped counter top again.

6:03 PM – updated my personal journals, put soup into crock pot, Tim is late coming home — will I get to TKD on time? Or do I have to go on a stupid dog walk?

Speaking of which — we are going to be fostering a dog come this Sunday. This dog has had a home before so it’s not like breaking in a new dog. Oh there is Tim now.

7:55 Went to TKD, ate dinner, watching the Colbert Report — about to move on to My Name Is Earl. Started the sweet, but not that sweet, bread. I am looking forward to a pot of tea tonight. The soup is spicy!

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