I noticed just now that I had almost dried soup on my black shirt. Bright orange, yellow soup that is — leftover from last night. Today I don’t have too much of an appetite though. Which is okay because I am going to visit the Hildog afterwork and will probably get hungry again around 3 or 4.

Tonight we are planning an after work Beer with Oliver at the Harmony Bar and Grill. After a week like this, I could use a beer or two. Cold frosty ones…yum. Beer. It’s been while — oh who am I kidding it’s been since LAST Saturday. So what I should be saying it’s been awhile since I have had a Spotted Cow. :D

Plans this weekend include…
Friday – Afterwork Beer and BattleStar Gallatica
Saturday – Nothing planned, probably watch movies and play Star Wars Battlefront
Sunday – Brotherly in law visit with Ben, followed by Engagement Party, followed by picking up a foster dog.

Oh, gotta get back to work.

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