Today I had a bit of a hangover so I planted myself on the couch, read and watched two movies: Adaptation and … uh…some weird WE movie…it wasn’t that great really. In fact, neither of them were that stellar, but they were entertaining to watch I guess. Then Tim came home from Pluto’s Meet and Greet at Mounds and we headed out to Target, Borders, Einstein Bagels and Preplayed.

Target = toliet paper, expensive conditioner, dish soap, Dollar bins purchases included sunglasses, alphabet stamps and paint brushes.

Borders – They had FREE desserts!WOO. I had one, bought a book and signed up for their borders card.

Einstein Bagels – Toasted Everything Bagel with cream cheese and asparagus soup, with a large vanilla hazelnut coffee.

Preplayed – Area 51, Mercernaries, Guns N Roses- Appetite for Destruction, Celtic Lullabies, World Chants and Meditations, Dead Can Dance … uh I forget and .. that’s it!

Now, since I have been home I have read, taken a hot bath and scrubbed myself clean (with a rock no less), painted my nails, looked at the internet and finished my coffee. Now I think I am going to start dinner — lasagna and see if I can’t get Tim interested in playing some Area 51. He’s no so sure about the game….but then again he ain’t so sure about a lot of stuff.

Yes, I would like Sweet Bread Recipe Carla — I have been a baking fool lately. :D

I am afraid to try the lotion with cotten gloves remedy — I mean… it seems kind of serious…don’t you do that kind of treatment for hands that are bleeding or weeping? That look like the grand canyon? That are covered in rashes? How often do you have to do it? Isn’t every night kind of disgusting? How long do the results last? And wearing rubber gloves is such a pain — I feel like the gripe on dishes is lessened and heaven’s knows I break enough as it is. Plus, rubber gloves seem to be so …. temporary. Like panty hose, they are only good for one use before they get ruined.

Yeah. I am a big complainer and naysayer…but as much as I whine I usually take the advice to heart and try it out. ;) So thanks for the advice. One day I will post about how great it was and how everyone should do it.

Yeah, now about that lasagna….

And Jess, it’s a matter of perspective. I can still feel sad, angry and bitter with myself over my own unaccomplished goals, misgivings, or failures, just as you feel the same about your own set of problems. I shouldn’t have to feel guilty or have my feelings be lessened because someone else in the world has a bigger problem in that area than me. For example, I shouldn’t feel bad that it hurts to run and complain about it because I am lucky I can run at all and there are legless/crippled people out there in the world. I shouldn’t feel bad that I complain about housework because there are many people who do not have houses/homes. I shouldn’t feel bad that I complain about my husband because there are widow’s/widowers/lonely people in the world.

I understand what you are saying and it can seem unfair. There are lots of things that seem unfair to me, and I want to get angry and bitter about something that other people have that I don’t. I guess it all just goes back to that old idea of walking a mile in an another person’s shoes before making judgements on what you think are their problems.

I guess what I am saying is that I don’t want to get into a “No, I have it WAY worse that you do because _____” contest. No one is ever really the winner those contests.

And no, I am not mad that you made the comment — I rather enjoyed thinking about it, my response and the little debate. It was a good topic to think about. :)

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