A box of the craziest….well…made? Yeah. Okay, let me start over. I got a box in the mail today and inside were a bunch of handmade little boxes decorated Mom style! Now, if you haven’t gotten a magnet from me or have seen what these look like then…..

I should take a photo of them. Right, I’ll get *right* on that.

I was supposed to be hanging with Sigrid to take some photos and dust the rust off our camera’s (okay, maybe there is no rust on MY camera seeing as it is so incredibly new there is still dew on the lens), but I think she is over sleeping. That is okay as well because I have no desire to kennel the foster dog. I have no idea if I could even get him IN the kennel.

He’s been….ugh. Let’s just say that this morning on the way to the bathroom I stepped in something squishy.

“Ohhhh!” I gasped.
“What? What is it?” demanded Tim from under the covers.
“Uh…” I struggled to understand what had just happened. “I stepped in….in…something…”
“You stepped in dog shit!” he announced grimly and got up to look. Thus he was able to see it on my foot before I was, I think because I was in denial. No, it wasn’t dog shit sprayed all over the dog bed, floor and carpet — no it’s just a really, really big hair ball. Yeah, that’s it.

Tim stalked off too the kitchen to get cleaning supplies while I stood there on one foot for about 2 minutes before hopping into the bathroom.

What a way to start the day. But now seeing as the day is almost over — it was okay. Tonight the 90 minute season finale of Battlestar is on and I am thinking of making some blt’s? No. Maybe some french toast. We bought some day old that was too dry and isn’t good for much.

Oh, and when I came home from work there were indeed more …. dog pies littered around the living room. There is also mud covering every open floor space because of the melty weather. Who said dogs rule again? I wanna show them how poo is the item that actually makes the rules.

Finally — I wrote a fan letter! Yeah. I never heard back from China Mieville, so I expect the same to happen in this circumstance, but you never know. I did hear back from scifi writer Charles Lint once, that was cool.

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