What a crazy week. I met a pen pal, went for drinks, shopping and a game of chess at Ennui (down the street). I haven’t done something like that in quite some time, it reminds me of back when I was in college, and did these things on a regular basis. Good god, I am starting to sound like one of those old people that can never seem to get out of their “good ‘ol college days.” I didn’t say I want that back, I am just simply stating that it was an enjoyable experience. One of the better benefits to being in college.

But there are so many *more* benefits to being a young adult, out of college, hacking a way through life.

This next weekend, there are no plans! What? Nope. None. Just me, the tv, maybe some movies from Blockbuster, tea, diet coke, the cats, my darling, letters, books and crafts. Ideal.

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