What a day. It’s so glum outside, really windy, a little rainy, mostly gloomy. I am glad to be home, but now that I am here I have zip motivation to do anything. I had a rotten nights sleep because of the foster and his squirting poop problems. I ended up on the couch at 4.30 this morning until 7:00 when I heard the alarm in the bedroom and asked Tim if that was the first one.

Well, of course it wasn’t the first. It was the third, which means I then only have 12 minutes to use the bathroom, get dressed and be AT the blasted bus stop. I am not really fond of these wild mornings. I often wonder what time I would get up in the morning if it was just me in charge of the alarm clock. I would be in charge of it now, but its hard to hear it when you have to wear ear plugs in order to even sleep.

What I should probably do (after finishing my hot coco with THREE big marshmallows) is to go and take a nap. Everthing will be nicer after a nap. For one it will be darker and then I can pretend this whole day was never here.

Poor DH is glum too. I’ve been trying to think of ways to cheer him up but I ended up only thinking of a way to cheer ME up. But you know that could work….so I asked him to get me a little something something at Walgreen’s — they do say that helping others and making other people happy can make you happy. What a good way to find out.

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