It’s so windy out! There was a brown, paper bag on my doorstep when I returned from Nephew sitting. Unfortunatly there were no delecious baked goodies inside of it. :( It was just an empty gift from the wind.

Oh wait, maybe the fates want me to DO something with that brown paper bag. To create something! Like what though?

I am kind of bored today. I mean. There are lots of things I SHOULD be doing, first and foremost working on crafts for the craft fair or getting excited about it. Instead I have been looking at the internet. Looking at people I will never meet, gazing at pictures of vacations I don’t really care about, and chatting occasionally with Tim who tells me that my only obligation today is to work on crafts so I don’t embarass myself later.

It’s good advice really. But all I am probably going to do is go to where my stuff is and kind of look at it. Probably heave a great sigh and head to the living room to be in the sun and resist not playing Fable. Then I’ll drink some tea and find myself back at the stupid computer wondering if there are any new posts, emails or whatnot around. Or I will be here telling myself that I am going to write that one email — but half way through writing emails I get distracted.

Alright alright. Get out of here already.

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