I have been data entry for all the cheese companies in Wisconsin and now I want to eat several varieties of cheese. Right now damnit.

Craft night filled up my time last night. I made my first decorative mosaic tile! It was a LOT harder than it looks. I got the first stage done — arranging the pieces and gluing them down. Next up is grouting them. I think when it is all said and done I am going to hang it in my kitchen. Laima really does do some of the coolest things ever.

Hilary, of course whipped out another fantastic painting. Gah. Me? I started to bead another key chain. I decided that is what I am going to focus my energy on, and if I think of anything else interesting to make then I’ll do that along the way. I did make a bracelet yesterday to get me going and looking through SOME of the beading supplies I have.

This morning I was so tired. In fact, I am still feeling a wee bit sleepimified. I was also cold last night and Tim scolded me for going to bed in just a tank top and jammies. I had to go and put on another sweater. I told him that is what the eskimo’s did to keep warm! That they wore less clothing, but then he replied with a factoid about blubber and what not.

Tim got a lot done on Fable. I have a lot to catch up with — and I am still getting used to all the different controls it requires.

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