I have a new resolution: I will never wear jeans or track pants on Sunday in public again. Everywhere we went on Sunday that is what women were wearing. I couldn’t stand it. IT was too much like a uniform….if EVERYONE including old grandmothers and skanky teenagers looked alike? Then that is too much of a good thing. Saturday? I might wear either on Saturday, but never again on Sunday.

This year we are going to participate in Harmony Valley CSA (community supported agriculture). It’s a pretty hefty fee to start, but then we are assured of having food every week for almost the WHOLE freaking year! Just imagine how healthy we are going to be at the end of this, plus it would be cheaper over all I think. I’ll keep you posted.

For two weeks I am going to refrain for sugar. Not militantly, just no refined sugar to tea, coffee or eating pastries, or other delicous items. Another way of thinking of this is to just not have any desserty type things? Why am I doing this? Not for any real good reason beyond holding a grudge and seeing if I can.

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