I think today practically demands that I give myself a Five Minute Mask, or a Mudd mask. I feel all greasimified, it’s SNOWING again (gah!), and it’s tax reckoning day. I have actually already completed the taxes, but I had to make photocopies and then I let that sit, and now I need to assemble them. Why does State need a full copy of a Federal Return? And yes, Federal just wants Federal. Pft. Also, why can’t they always provide the RIGHT copies? For example, Tim’s last company gave him a Copy B form for Federal, and then two copy C forms….uh…state supposedly wants a Copy 2 form….

Anyway. I am just going to send a copy C form. To be honest, I don’t even think I’ve ever paid attention to that before. I always thought I just send them one form and that was that. I divided them up evenly. There. That is all set. Now Tim had to sign it and it’s off. We already spent the return though. Actually, Tim spent it last night on a new computer. Sheesh, it isn’t even out the door and already it’s spent. I think instead of using the leftover for furniture…no screw that. I want that TV hutch…. one of those cabinets that close the TV when you aren’t using it and hides all those cords. There is one at Target that is 150 and it looks great. That I what I want, and that still leaves me with 200 to apply towards that food deal. So it’s more like a discount…

Sorry. Talking money. Since I do the finances in this house, it takes up at least one good day a week with me spent thinking about it.


I have some expensive mud on my face. I got this special mud mix like 5 or 6 years ago — and hardly ever use it. Well, I decided today was the perfect day to use it. It takes long thaner the five minutes, but unlike Clinque it’s all organic and chemical free and it sure feels….more muddy. I also painted my nails, and I think this afternoon I am going to move to the living room to watch A Long Engagement and work on more keychains for the craft fair. I also made more coffee — and it seems curiously strong.

But first, I need to pay mortgage, credit card and insurance. WOO!

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