Well, it finally happened. I started getting spam on my comments and had to switch to wysiwyg format.

It’s Friday. Apparently I looked do defeated and crushed as I walked out of the house to catch the bus this morning that Tim felt sorry for me. He called out “Wait, just come back and I will give you a ride to work this morning. That you can have an extra half an hour and some coffee.”

I thought about it for a moment and then turned around to start another keychain, watch some morning TV and just relax. Warm up to this day — which kind of feels like it might need a bonfire to get going. Grey, coldish, snowish…blahish.

I am glad that we are not driving to Chicago tonight. What a pain the ass that would be. Instead we get to sleep in our own bed, wake up to take Pluto and Laddy to their respective sitters, and have a nice drive. I have a questionaire that Tim and I are going to go through that should be some really good conversation fodder. Once in Chicago I need to do a little shopping — I am looking for something cool for Leta because it’s the N0 Girl’s birthday on Monday. I was thinking something monkey related because she likes monkeys. But we’ll see.

Saturday night is the Sibling Only Going Away Party for Bekah and Greg part five. Well, part five is the particular party — there has been several. They are slated to go away on April 4th to live in France and starve as vegans. Ha ha. Unless they gave that up…I don’t remember. I think the vegetarian thing sticks though. I am so glad I am not a vegetarian because last night I had the bestest, meltiest, most delicious pot roast EVER at Birke and Ryan’s house for scrabble. It might very well be Sarah’s last scrabble for awhile — at least until summer camping kicks in. That makes me a little sad.

In addition to hanging with the Eric and Kate we thought we might visit Callie/Zeman on our way out but apparently Callie is headed to Missouri. She’s so freaking elusive. I haven’t seen her since …. September?

Other news: we decided to go with blue cross blue shield and save ourselves a crapload of money by NOT going with Cobra while Tim in this crappy transition time for his job.

Also — I was one of those kids that used to say (and still believes) that Apple Jacks don’t taste like apples.

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