This past weekend was great! We had all the energy we lacked the last time we visited, and better weather sure the heck made a big difference. We drove down to Chicago on Saturday after dropping off the dogs and met up with Kate and Eric for lunch. Followed by some shopping, and then to the going away affair for Greg and Bekah who are moving to France this Thursday. There we ate some pizza, tried to get a baby to sleep, watched Galaxy Quest, played monopoly and had a few beers. We ended up going to bed early.

Sunday Tim and Eric went skating while I wanted to do more window shopping with coffee to enjoy the magnificent sunny, warmer weather. I ended up getting a few books from Women and Children first, and found a ton of great postcards/cards and a lockable tin cash box at Brown Elephant for 5 dollars. (Actually Kate paid for it, and I didn’t get a chance to pay he back… :( We drove back, got the dogs, read and went to bed. Sunday was so good that I thought it lended itself to a great Monday.

Monday was Leta’s birthday. Hilary picked me up so that we could go to Cool Beans and celebrate the little girl’s birthday with Sir Issac Turkey, pasta and potato chips. I gave Leta a present, but she declined to open it. Mina had to do the tough job herself. I wonder how long THAT will last….ha ha Leta letting Mina open her presents…. anyway. Hilary drove me home where I realized that I was locked out of the house! Damn. That’s what I get for hasty departures. So she drove me over to Tim’s work place where he lent me his key and a ride to the mall so I could catch abus home. IT was raining when I returned and all the sun had left. Blah. I watched Oprah and worked on crafting….a thing I should be doing right now but I wanted to write a little.

I also have to take a shower today. :(

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