Hey there. I went out on Wednesday night and mixed too many drinks so I was mostly feeling blah yesterday. Unfocused. Even so I got lots done — amazing how that is.

While my co-worker was gone I took the opportunity to clean her keyboard and phone. Seriously it was covered in black ick. I couldn’t stand it anymore especially since I still put my fingers in my mouth way more than I should (recovering nail biter). Well, guess what? I must have sprayed too much stuff on the phone because now I broke it. Once you pick up the reciever there is no dial tone because that little button/clicky thing is stuck down. You have to pry it up to get the dial tone. :( I am not quite sure how to fix it. I tried stuffing kleenex down there to wipe up any kind of residue. I shook it about it. I even swore at it–all to no avail. Now, the question is do I pretend that I have no idea what happened? Or should I act like it was like that when I used it? But she might notice how clean it is now….damnit.

Uhoh. I think today not much is going to get done.

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