Innsmouth is an expensive cat. She had urinary problems again — peeing blood, outside of the box, frequently…sigh. DH is taking her to the vet on Wednesday so that they can get a urine sample. I don’t think she has an infection — I think she has crystals. So, you see, we didn’t NOT save a ton of money by buying cheaper cat food for all those years. :(

I guess that will put on my hold my plans to take professional driving lessons. Yeah. I need someone who will stay cool and collected when I am slow to start at red light, or who won’t yell at me every single time I try to switch gears by “giving it more gas!” or whatever. I do need to get used to the idea of driving too. I can’t let this manual thing prevent me from living up to my full road rage potential.

Dinner tonight is…most of a yellow pepper, part of a cabbage, half of a red onion and kielbasa, with a touch of fresh basil and pepper…oh and a little butter. I have no idea how this will taste. Good I hope. I don’t feel like making up another dinner.

There isn’t anything good on TV (never is for Mondays), and nothing good in the Netflix…actually we don’t HAVE any right now. We watched the last one Aristocrats last night — talk about a filthy pile of…I will never think of Gilbert Godfried and Bob Saget the same again.

I do like Gilbert Godfriend. He’s funny. I also liked the Nanny — so I think that makes me a person that likes stupid voices.

Oh, I have been catching Fraiser on during the day time — and my god…I laugh so much. I think I should get the DVD’s and watch them. It’s just my kind of humor.

No babysitting tomorrow, so it’s like I have spring break, with two days off. The weather sure makes it feel more spring like and wonderful too.

I had some oatmeal chocolate cookies I had in the freezer for a month or four…I popped them in the oven to see how they’ll taste. Oh yes, I know they should have been thrown after 2 weeks…but …. screw that. I am sure they will taste JUST fine. I’ll report back to you on that.

Speaking of which… I think I smell something cooking — ie everything is on while I am in here dicking around on the computer. Well, simmering…simmering and baking you do while you’re not there.

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