My sheets are all cleaned and dried by the power of SPRING. I even managed to wash the mattress pad, and two or three blankets. The last two are outside now — hopefully they will have time to dry before it rains. ….. I just checked wunderground and it looks okay for the time being. Everything has been drying really quickly. I swear the sheets must have only taken twenty minutes.

I do think I need to restring the lines though. They are currently too baggy and propped with sticks to make them more taut. I also need to buy more clothes pins — I am down to half my orginal stock because they are such good food closers.

What else, cleaning up around the house — enjoying the time to do it. I am going to gone at a conference next week for two-three days and want to get as much cleaning in the house done before then. I am hosting a little party not this Saturday, but the next Saturday and want as little last minute cleaning as possible. Call it a continuation of my complete spring cleaning.

I have been fighting a nap this afternoon — but wanted to hold out until the mattress pad was dried before putting in the bed, with crisp fresh sheets….I think I’ll attend to that matter right now.

Oh and we were accepted for Harmony — the food drop thing — I was beginning to wonder. We hadn’t heard anything for a month…and now I get a reciept. I go online and see that they haven’t even cashed the check! Sheesh. I wonder when they will get around to doing that. I don’t like having uncashed checks out there for long, and this has now been out there for a month.

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