Bit of a rough weekend.

Friday was good. We had after work beers with Oliver and Shane at the
Crystal Corner, then we left to try out Taco Palace — but the line was
long and not moving. The final straw was when the two couples in front of
us let in two OTHER couples that had just come up — cutting right in front
of us. I couldn’t fucking believe it. I was just about to say something
when everyone else decided that we should go to Harmony Bar and
Grill. Their spidey sense must have kicked in, letting them know I was
about to unleash a hurricane of hurt.

The Harmony Bar and Grill was okay, except it took an eternity for our food
to get to us, and the bar staff wasn’t very polite. The pizza lady was
having a baby, and so the hamburger dude was overwhelmed. Still, no need to
get pissy — they could have said it would take two years before we got our
food before we ordered….

Saturday the curse set in, and progressively got worse as the day
continued. By nightfall, I was depressed, drinking wine and blathering on
about the meaning of life, my life and my purpose in it. The DH and I had
a great talk and even went to bed early. We may or may not have some big
things happening in the near future — I’ll keep you updated when/if things

Sunday we got up to visit the skate part in Sun Prairie. I worked on some
word puzzles and Tim skated. It was nice. We returned home to make some
coffee and had a pleasant morning. Then Tim went off to game and I went off
to nap. After a nice nap, I knitted and watched a little french movie
called the Chorus. Oh it was sweet and it occurred to me that is has been a
long, long time since I’ve seen a good movie. I even watched the last scene

This week I am going to a leadership conference in Appleton, so I am going to be out for a few days. Not that you could tell — I mean sometimes I get into this rut where I only post once or twice a week. Then I have scrabble on Thursday, followed by hosting a soiree on Saturday. I am glad that I’ve been working on the house with the spring cleaning and all. I am pretty happy with the state of it in general — and how it’s coming along. I still have the guest room to redo.

We STILL have Tyra. HA! Having her for only a week my foot. Well, now Tim knows what it is like to return home to spastic dogs every day, cook his own food, put himself to bed, and all that jazz. Watch, he’s going to end up staying up until 2:00 in the morning, boozing and playing games. Men. *rolls eyes dramatically*

My garden sits in the same state that it was when it died. Its so nice that I almost have this inspiration to go out there and clean it up. I have some seeds for flowers and stuff that I have been thinking about putting in planters and the garden, especially since we don’t need to actually grow anything useful.

Okay, I never needed to grow anything useful — and I think I like the idea of perennials more and more with each passing year. Plus, there is some rhubarb that we planted last year, and we can’t see it because it’s covered with dead leaves and sunflower stalks. Whoa, it’s the 24th already? I suppose I should pay the rest of the month bills — something I usually do on Tuesday’s, but since the morning is babysitting followed by going to this conference….then….yeah the mortgage has to be paid.

Well, hopefully blogger is working now. I got dishes that are soaked and tea ready to be drunk before Oprah and resistance band workout time.

– other things to do this week….write for the writing group, finish up those moccassin’s for Hilary, and finish sewing re/making t-shirts I had cut up last week.

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