It was a packed weekend, starting off by celebrating Tim’s new raise at Outback Steakhouse on Friday night. A lot has changed in the past four years or so – Outback is no longer my favorite chain restaurant. I think that honor has been replaced by Chili’s (for the moment, we still have to have a second successful eating experience). Isn’t it amazing how quickly you can lose your taste for a bloomin onion? I mean one second you are thinking “hey this isn’t that bad” and the next second you never want to see another bloomin’ onion as long as you live.

Everything but the bread was just too damn salty and the margarita was too bland. I almost drank the whole thing in one go — but maybe it was because of the salt factor…hm.

Saturday morning we got up bright and early to take Pluto and Tyra to the dog park. It was another dog’s birthday, so everyone showed up for a party. Tryra ran and ran and was ecstatic to be there, as was Pluto all the other nine dogs that showed up for the party. Wendy (jammer’s owner) made a dog birthday cake, frosty dog treats and pumpkin bread for the people. Holy cow did Pluto and the dogs love that “cake.” In fact, Pluto became one of those rotten “kids” that went around searching out cake from other dogs and was taking cake intended for other dogs out of hands. It was embarrassing! I’ve never seen him go this gaga over a cake before. Sheesh.

Here’s some pictures for you.

….actually it doens’t seem to be working right now. ……

Okay, I gotta go. I’ll write some more tomorrow and talk about Sarah and Dave’s going away party — and even probably post pictures! Woo. MORE pictures. I felt like I could have gone on and on earlier today. But that energy was depleted because I had to write my story for my writing group — stories based on a horoscope from a newspaper or online.

I missed the bus today because there was immigration rally going on and all the buses were on a detour route. What a pain. I mean, in addition to having to stay a half an hour later, I had to walk way up to Martin Luther King to catch a bus. My lunch sucked so I ended up getting a slice of Ian’s pizza to accompany me to Starbucks where I decided I need a large coffee and piece of coffee cake to ease my work angst.

I don’t know what my problem is. I have the PERFECT part time job. Great coworker, awesome downtown location, decent money, flexible hours and even a okay wage. The work is varied, it’s meaningful and there are lots of different things to do. I think I am just antsy this week (and possibly last). I think I need a vacation — the last one I took was over year ago for my Aunt Diane’s funeral and that wasn’t really a vacation because I was working family responsibility the whole time. Maybe I’ll take the week of Memorial Day off….I bet that would help. I mean, it’s not like there is anything else I would be doing either…you know?

My bike is busted. Actually not completely busted. There is something wrong with my chain. It’s that part of the chain that connects the whole chain together that is … loose? It clunks every six pedals because it isn’t catching on the spikes. I have no effing idea how to fix it (I did try squeezing it together with pliers I borrowed at a garage sale — to no avail). Tim said we should take it and his bike to Williamson bike to get them tuned up. That means my bike is out of commission for the moment. I have nephew sitting tomorrow…I might have to use Tim’s bike to get there and hope it doesn’t rain on me. I miss my bike already though. I mean, I LOVE that thing (except when it’s broken).

That brings up my garage sailing last Friday. Before my bike busted, I got in five good sales…my goods for 33 bucks:

two blankets (intended for dogs)
two nice big towels (dogs)
white tank for leta
pink summer shirt for leta
two mardi gras necklaces (leta/mina)
box of old notecards
box of old stationary
paper doll
two wooden rings (for cross-stitch…those things)
quilted flannel jacket for Tim
black/white scarf (or napkin?)
one serving tea pot (cute!)
horse puppet
tall narrow table (perfect for kitchen and most expensive item)
three paperback cookbooks

Yeah, I was sad to quite garage sailing because I still had seven more dollars to spend…but that’s is how it goes. The last purchase was the table…and it’s price and my broken bike put me out of the mood for the rest of the day. The table, by the way looks awesome in my kitchen. I think I can finally say that kitchen is complete. :)

Almost…there might be more pictures and decorations to incorporate as time goes on.

For dinner tonight I am making porkchops. We are having leftover sandwich fixings from the party tossed with spinach for a salad and hummus and bread. Cos there was ALOT of hummus leftover…oh hell. I might as well talk about the party right now. It was good! After the doggy birthday party we went over to Middleton to help Sarah and Dave pack up their truck with furniture. We rewarded ourselves with an ennteman (sp?) donut — something we haven’t eaten in almost ten years. Then we headed home so that Tim could run off to a gymnastics meet for the Dread Head Nephew and I could prepare for the party.

I made a healthy fruit pizza, using neufchatl cheese and that 80 calorie vanilla yogurt with fruit on top of a thin sheet of sugar cookie dough. I made deviled eggs, and of course made a platter of meat and a huge variety of vegetables for sandwich fixings. It looked great…and the food most of the guests brought was healthy too! I mean the only bad thing for you, aside from the deviled eggs (which was actually made with light miracle whip) was the tollhouse cookies. God damn are those things good. I mean, when I eat one I want to eat another and another and another….

We had a good turn out, and it lasted until 9.30 when we all packed it up to go to the Inferno. I had an okay time there…but we both tired the next day.

Sunday was nice because we napped, ate leftover hummus, artichoke dip and bread, and sandwiches and watched the Return of the King. Ahh…..that is still making me a little …. thinky. Yesterday was the perfect day for that sort of movie with the clouds, the quiet and stillness of the day. Then I read some Good Housekeeping (my new favorite magazine) and a short story collection book of China Mieville — Looking for Jake and other Short Stories. It’s not that great really, I am a little disappointed that every story isn’t turning me on fire, however I do feel better in knowing that even great writers write mediocre stories. Hilary lent me Anasazi Boys to read…I am thinking I might start that tonight. After all, the wonderful thing about a short story collection is that you can stop any time. Ditto for magazines.

I bet my pork chops are nearing completion. I should go check on them.

OH and Mark — Tim’s youngest brother became engaged to his high school sweet heart – Erika on Friday. I wonder when that wedding will be….hopefully next year. Probably next year….I mean there isn’t enough time this year, unless they do some kind of winter wedding.

Okay okay…dinner …. yeah I don’t want to burn the house down. Although the mysterious water leaking in the basement would probably prevent that from happening. Have I mentioned before how much I hate plumbing issues?

Happy May Day dudes. It was three years ago on this day that Tim quit his job and started us on the road to moving back to Madison.

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