I have my first significant cleaning injury. I think I sprained my right thumb scrubbing. It has hurt off and on since then and especially when I use scrubbing type movements. Thank god I learned to type hitting the space bar with my left hand thumb instead of my right (it was a small act of rebellion back in typing class).

My bike is still broken. :(

I’m hungry and my contacts need to be thrown out. Which bring up the whole fiasco of me getting new ones.

Tim is still hassling me about getting my stupid driver’s license whenever he views driving me someplace as an inconvenience to his schedule. I don’t think he quite fully comprehends the magnitude my driving is going to have on the division of household chores/duties. Up until now all he has to do is take out garbage, clean cat boxes, primarily feed animals, pick up dog poop and drive. That’s pretty much it. Sure he mows the lawn — but he doesn’t have to. I can, and often do mow it as well — I can’t think of too much else….uh there is the occasional take the car in for an oil change, and sometimes a trip to the bank to deposit check — but the check thing I can do on my own really. So the question really is…what chores/duties equal driving responsibility. Dishes all the time? Cooking part time? Laundry? Bathroom? Living room? Kitchen? Hm…

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