Happy news first. I got a letter from Carrie A!!!!! I nearly fell over from shock when I saw it in the mail box. Then I secretly hoped that she had typed it….and sure enough she did!!! If you know Carrie, then you know how … uh…. unique her handwriting is. :) Anyway, the letter includes printed pictures….awesome! She’s engaged now and going to marry on October 28th. I guess that takes care of our Twin Cities trip for this year.

Bad news.

The basement is leaking again. This time the leak isn’t on the bar side, it’s on the workroom side. We thought it might be a pipe from the bathtub, but I don’t think it is. I had placed a bunch of papertowels on the desk underneath where we though the leak was from. Sure there was some leaking….but not enough to soak the heavy towel I had on the floor to soak up moisture and water should it happen again.

It rained last night, so I am getting that dreaded feeling that might be something to do with it. I need to pay attention to it when it rains heavily….

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