I went out last night to help celebrate Sigrid’s birthday at the Inferno. I wish I could pull off the shirts that Sigrid wears — one day. Maybe. We got back at 11.30 – I worked a bit on a letter (probably a bad idea considering I was tipsy and tend to write things I shouldn’t), then went to bed.

This morning I heard a bird call go “dooo doot doot dooooteey do dooooteeeey do do” and I was like “Hey tim! What time is it?”

“I dunno, like 7.50,” he replied from the office.

“What? No way! I just heard the call of that bird that goes ‘dooo doot doot dooooteey do dooooteeeey do do.

‘”Really? The white throated sparrow?” he asked and came into listen. By then it had moved off — but I did hear it again about 1/2 an hour later.

Man. That’s really gonna mess me up. I’m going to think that it’s 10:00 alot today.

Yesterday afternoon while walking the hound, I crossed over the tracks and found Amy’s new house. Literally…across the tracks. While I was over there I got bit by a cat (who in all fairness, bit everyone).

When Amy had gone inside to get Pluto some water, the boys ran back and forth in the drive way. I asked Rhyse “Gosh! What makes you run SO fast?”

He looked at me in complete bewilderment and shrugged his shoulders.

“I mean, you are just so quick! What’s your secret?”

He looked at me, and with great effort he answered/asked “Vegetables?”

Ha ha ha ha.


My bike by the way, just has a kink in the chain. A kink. Damnit all. I bought some oil — apparently wd-40 isn’t an oil, it’s more of a cleaner. I guess I wasn’t aware of that fact. Today I plan on giving my bike some maintence, digging up more of the garden and adding magic dirt….wait — here’s my ‘To-do” list:

–clean and oil bike
–finish tilling up garden and add magic dirt
–shower and get dressed
–look at finances and pay electric/gas, car, cable and student loan
–finish letters to Helen E and my Mom
–walk pluto
–conjure up dinner
–put laundry away
–download photos from camera
–burn conference photo’s to disk and then delete
–upload other photos and caption
–open up windows and doors to air out house
–sew my tank top (I have it cut out….)
–sweep the floors

eh..that’s all I have for now. It’s a good outline.

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