I had a pretty awesome day yesterday. Afterwork I needed to do some shopping, so I went and did some shopping on State Street. I went to Ragstock, the Soap Opera, the community pharmacy and then to Expresso for a decaf mocha for the bus ride home. I puzted for awhile, trying on my new clothes (massive sale at ragstock), finished my coffee and watched the news. Then Tim came home and Hilary came over and we all drove downtown to the Irish pub to have an afterwork beer with Mark (an ex-coworker of Tims). We enjoyed beer, hashers of bacon and sausuage and a hummus plate before heading down to Buraka for African cuisine.

I don’t care for that sour bread too much. Afterward we were all home and in bed by 10:30. We got all the benefits of a whole night out without sacrificing the Saturday.

Today is our first load of vegetables! We are very excited to see it.

Callie and Jason are stopping by with a our new computer, and to set it up. Which means I should probably clean up this desk a bit. It’s actually clutter free, but it needs to be wiped down.

We need fresh food — breakfast was stale toasted bread with peanut butter and the last of the strawberry jelly. We need things like, eggs, butter, soy, milk, bread and other stuff.

Tim and Plut are about to head off to do Meet and Greet at Mounds in Fitchburg. For the past two years Tim and Pluto stand there the first Saturday of every month and answer people’s questions about greyhound. Pluto loves it for the attention.

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