I am planning a swap for sometime in June. If you want to participate, email me. I got a whole bunch of books, clothes and video games along with a variety of other cool stuff.

I updated April 2006 Photos if you are interested.

I would like to know how to incorporate that gallery page with my page. If anyone could help me, I’d really appreciate it. I’ve seen it done on several other webpages….I mean, I have a template for my website that I created (blog page excluded) so it shouldn’t be that hard, and yet it is.

The new computer is really awesomely fast. Wow!

Innsmouth must be in great pain today. She is bitchy to everyone, and has peed five times in the course of the morning in places that ARE NOT her litter box. Sigh. She’s such a big pain the ass. I wish they made diapers for cats. I am thinking of crating her until this passes….I can only imagine how unhappy that would make her though…and how the other cats would take advantage of the situation.

Tim’s off gaming and I am left feeling a little bored. I have already been incredibly productive this morning and … yeah. I should bake something that doesn’t need eggs or milk.

Oh that friendship bread turned out great! We ended eating the entire little loaf by the next morning at which point I decided to send the other loaf off with the DH to his work place to get rid of it. It was that good.

We had a rash of glass breakage. I broke a red glass while washing dishes yesterday. It cracked after another glass hit it. Then a cat broke a vase on the table with flowers…(damn them, they knocked it over 3 times…I suppose it was eventual) and the biggest tradegy of it all — I dropped the french press this morning. It completely shattered! :(

I hope the breaking of glass stops now. We have reached our quota of three. Things happen in three’s right?

Today would be a good day for a nice suprise.

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