I tried to send a package last night at the Post Office, but missed their deadline. Apparently they close at 7 instead of 8. I guess 8 is their holiday hours. Speaking of closing the post office at University Square is closing too. Not that I ever used it much, but still, it’s kinda of sad. Wait, I did use it twice in the past year…that’s pretty good. So I need to take the package today in the rain. :( This after getting pretty wet riding home from nephew sitting earlier.

I need to take a shower. I have three bad acne spots on my face and want them to go away forever. It’s not just a zit either, it’s those deep, cyst like ones that stay for weeks and weeks. Anyway, why take a shower before I got out if I am going to get all wet. Then I thought of the bath option, but I don’t waste that much time bathing.

Last night, after some serious consulation with Hilary — we bought a food processor. Our first one ever. Many of the recipes we are delving into require something more …. mechanical. The blender just doesn’t cut it (pun!) when it comes to grinding curries. We also bought a new french press to replace the one that I had smashed to pieces earlier in the week.

I suppose I should get dressed again and take that package over there. I wish I could double duty this and walk Pluto….except I can’t tie himside the post office. I would be breaking a cardinal rule about greyhounds. Pft. Besides, he would hate the rain and probably poop in front of the building just to spite me.

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