Hot dog did I get in a lot of “movement” quota today.

–mowed the front lawn
–walked the dog quickly (both lawn and dog done in those brief moments between rain showers)
–taekwondo class
–walking home from taekwondo because someone forgot to pick me up (good thing it wasn’t raining then)
–sparring in Sun Prairie with Misty Mountain Dude

I was my pretty typical nervous nancy at trying new things — a little known fact? Maybe? I mean, sure it looks like I do lots of stuff, and I guess I do. But when it comes to doing something where there are “rules” then I get nervous about breaking them. Maybe it comes from being part of a culture that relishes “do’s and don’t” and taboos.

Anyway, all the folks at Kicks Unlimited in Sun Prairie were SUPER nice, and I didn’t get hurt. I also got a chance to spar lots of different people, so I would have to rate tonight a success. It really helps to have a sparring buddy. :D

In other news — Christian and Cecci where here on Sunday and Monday for a visit. It was great! On Sunday we had breakfast at the Fairoak Diner…on Fairoak. Our first time there, the food was pretty good and the prices were reasonable. Later that night, Cecci and I made a vegetable curry and MAN! that curry rocked. I think I am getting the swing of it. In fact, today for lunch I had curry from a resturant and realized that my curry was WAY better. That hardly…okay, has never happened before. In any case, I forgot to take pictures until the very end…so there is a shot of them in my front yard. Pretty much the same kinds of shots with Callie and Jason the week before.

Uhh..and Saturday…what did I do on Saturday….hm. * tap tap * AH yes, we cleaned, did some chores and played video games. Really — this God of War is pretty awesome. I could have done without the virtual sex, but I know that is probably what made gajillions of teenage boys … er…and maybe adults…love it.

Speaking of which…I wouldn’t mind getting a quick…nah. It’s too late and I gotta work tomorrow. More stupid rain means riding the stupid bus.

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