You ever have on of those days where you don’t feel like you got much done, even though you did? I thought I would have the whole day to myself…my precious Thursday. However, ten minutes after I kicked Tim out of the house the phone rang. Brother in law Ben was in town for a job interview and wanted to do lunch afterward.

So I got Tim on the horn and we arranged it to be so. Before Ben picked me up though, I wrote a letter to Shane, and card to my Mom and Josh, and washed the dishes, showered, dressed and even combed my hair.

We had the buffet at Pizza Hut. It was okay. I like salads. I don’t like dessert pizza though.

Came back and hammered out my writing piece due for today for my writing group. WHew…I hate doing last minute things…I have to remember to try and do it at least the day before so I have time for at least one rewrite. Then I updated the camping listserv and send out a public service message for the best possible camping date — which is actually only two weeks away. The first full weekend of June, which is the 2nd – the 4th. I just gotta wait and see what the masses think…of course they can’t wait long. Sites book up fast.
Now I am updating this, but the dog hasn’t been walked and soon I gotta go to TKD class and then blah blah blah .I am boring myself with this post. See, I already feel like this isn’t worth doing either because I should be doing something else.
In other news, my Mom has been diagnosed with dymentia. :( She’s only 56!

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