I had a really good weekend starting with a Laura Appreciation Day last Friday. Those usually happen when I start to feel really taken for granted, grouchy and overall pissy about life and want to quit. But I guess life didn’t want that for me this weekend.

First after work I met up with Hilary who suprised called me asking if I wanted to have lunch and shop. Two things I did want to do, but I had to settle for one. Although I did get a cookie at the Hippy co-op. We went to Old Navy and I got one of those brightly colored, over the shoulder sack like bags that I have wanted for some time, a on sale brown with flowers do rag, and sunglasses that I paid more than a dollar for. I think the sunglasses are really worth it. They are comfortable and since it has been years and years since I paid for quality sunglasses, I have been taking good care of them. I do wish they had a little more yellow tint to them instead of all amber — but I guess I’ll get used to it. :D

After that I stopped at a few garage sales on my way home and got three fabulous scarves and a really nice queen sheet set. Then I played God of War until Tim came home. When he did…he had a gift bag. Inside was the MOST adorable card I have ever seen (and sweetest) and …. a mp3 player with an action jacket so I can wear it on my arm, and protect the little thing from getting scratched and stuff. IT’s SOOOO cool. I spent a good portion of yesterday putting good music on it. I wore it to work this morning and I got here in 30 minutes, I had a great workout, and it was fun and I felt super cool.

Saturday Tim and I went to Kennel Days in Lake Geneva to walk dogs. It was a beautiful day to walk them — although I was suprised by how many dogs were pooping out by the second lap. I managed to get in four quality dog walks, and I think Tim did about the same. Afterward we came home, and rode bike over to pick up our veggie box. I stopped at a thrift sale on the way back and picked up red curtains for the office and a friendship bracelet how to book for 10 cents. Cool! Then I washed the dishes and made an amazing dish out of nothing followed by strawberry shortcake (because we had leftover strawberries that needed to be used).
Tim got a weed hound and was outside hounding weeds for a good portion of Saturday. I decided to take a nap instead. That evening we chanced getting wet and took Pluto to the dog park. We were the only ones there! I have never been to the dog park and been the only people there the entire time. We managed two laps before Pluto pooped out and we left. Of course as we were leaving a woman with four dogs was coming in. Eh, Pluto didn’t need to smell other dog butts anyway. Besides he got a trip to the dog park without having to wear his muzzle the whole time. Lucky dog.

Saturday night we had breakfast for dinner. Tim made the most amazing scrambled eggs with fresh ramps and chives and I mad the worst most wonderful pancakes with homemade syrup (corn syrup with maple). I watched a movie and cut paper while Tim played video games in the office. I stayed up late! I haven’t gone to bed at 1:00 since the last time I went to the Inferno. It’s weird to realize that…

Sunday I slept in while Tim went to the skate park with Oliver. I got up, made some coffee, showered and putzed. I cleaned the kitchen and living room and spent a lot of time putting music on my new MP3 player. Heather came over around 3.30 and we went for a walk. I suggested we try that french bakery on Milwaukee, so we walked over. We had five minutes to spare before they closed by got an iced coffee, tea, a flakey bun (I forget what it was called) and a scone. After he rung us up, the teenage dude said he threw in a free scone. I thought he meant that he forgot to charge me, but 10 minutes later, seated on a park bench I saw that he meant a whole nother scone! Man, it was one of the best scones ever … not as good as this place in Evanston Il…but pretty darn close. After we polished off a mid afternoon snack we took a rambing walk around Radar Hill. Apparently it used to be an old frisbee golf course…but was so much fun to walk around in. I did a tick check afterward and was clear — so not only did we get great exercise in, but I also go no ticks. I hate those little buggers.
Sunday night was pretty slow. I watched the series finale to Charmed, Tim made a fish with sorrel sauce dinner and steamed asparagus…AND….AND! He went out and bought a chocolate cake!

If you have even talked to me in person in the last week then you will have known that I have been hankering for a piece of chocolate cake every single day. He got some AND he got vanilla soy ice cream to go with it! How awesome is that? Is he not the best darling ever? I mean, like Darling of Year kind of darling.

OH and Amy stopped by with a piece of apple pie. IT was good…

The swap is going to be on Saturday June 10th. Bring stuff over and we’ll share.

I also might have said I would bbq with Heather on Memorial Day but I am thinking I might have to back out of that. I have been doing too much planning lately. I think I would prefer to just be invited over to a Memorial Day BBQ. (hint hint)

EDIT: I should clarify — someone else other than Heather, who doesn’t have a grill, should invite Tim and I over for a grill out on Monday.

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