I am trying to remember if there was ever a time I posted more about other stuff than just the boring every day crap I do. If there was such a time, let me know. ;)

I babysat this morning and realized as I was riding home that I forgot my hoodie. Nephew was in a bad mood this morning, so I was quite happy when he finally cried himself to sleep and I could sneak off when Sarah got home (and he was still sleeping). :( Damn. My next nephew sitting session is going to be June 23 or something because next week I am maybe toddlersitting Leta and Mina. I hope it’s nice, I think I would want to go for a walk… and the two weeks after that the gym is on a bit of a summer break. I wonder what Nephew will look like after a whole month has passed. Probably a lot bigger, talking, going out for coffee and playing darts at Genna’s. I mean, isn’t that what six month + old kids do?

[I'm waiting for DH to tell me what to get from the store -- keep in mind I am on my bike, so whatever I get has to be life or death important....]

I came home and worked on the flower garden a bit. As in a hoed it, raked it and planted a whole bunch of flower seeds. I haven’t yet watered it because I am rather hoping it is going to rain tonight and save me the work. If it doesn’t then I’ll do it later. Although I am not looking forwarding to hooking up the hose and probably getting wet in the watering phase…wait, I could have DH do that…he was muttering about spending some time doing yard work…

[Still waiting...so far I have: apples, bananas, bread, milk, cereal]

Then I showered, started a load of whites, and sat outside drinking a tall glass of iced tea and working on a letter. Now I should probably get dressed for public, as opposed to dressed for home, and ride to the grocery store, come back, put it away and then walk the dog before I head off to TKD, and home and then sparring for the first of two nights this week. Somewhere in between there, dinner should be made. I can’t keep eating chocolate cake in place of every meal. Chocolate cake – no matter how delicious – is not like a slimfast bar. It cannot substitute for every meal.

Sigh. Still no answer from Tim. Sheesh. You think he’s like WORKING or something instead of waiting breathlessly for word from me.

Well, you saw my list…I’ll tell you what I actually got when I get back.

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