And she’s back. Btw, I forgot my list. Oops. :)

two for six dollars, 12 quart (thats six little caplets of goodness): tangerine strawberry with calcium, and the other is just plain old ice tea.

10 pack of bratwurst
pack of wheat brat buns
loaf of multigrain bread
four pink lady apples
two braeburn apples
one red delicious
two bananas
big bag of baby carrots
one mango
quart of skim milk
quart of soy milk
a box of nutty nuggets
Mini word search magazine
peanut butter cookie Luna bar
big bag of peanut butter flavored rawhide pieces

Total cost: $37.61
The most expensive items were the brats, and pluto’s rawhide peices…but both seem to last forever.

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