Yesterday I had the equivalent of a full time job! Yeah, I was there all day helping to move our office from one building to another. The best “tidbit” of the day came from one of the movers.

You see these movers managed to take ALL FREAKING day to do two loads. The first load had desks, and they had to pack up computers and what not, and once they got there (45 min late) they managed to get it packed up and moved in 2.5 hours. Now the second load was five carts that were all on … well carts, with wheels. All they needed was to be rolled to the elevator, pushed into a truck and driven over, wheeled off the truck, into another elevator and BAM…done. How long did this take? If you guess 4.5 hours you are right! If I was paying these movers I would have hounded them the entire time, but of course since it was hour based and university funded…I guess they can take all the time in the world.

Near the end I said “Finally, I can get home. It’s been a long day.”

“Yeah?” said Mover Guy 2

“Yeah,” I reply with an exaggerated sigh, “I’m only part-time. I am here as long as you guys take.” (Yes, that was a not so subtle jab)

“What else is there to do?” asked Mover Guy 2

“Well, there are dogs to walk and dinner to think of and make, house to clean…” I answer, thinking of all the crap I DO have to do when I get home.

“Ha,” he Mover Guy 2 replies “Forget about it! Just let your Mom do it.”

I was so shocked; I had nothing to say as he left the room. My Mom? Ha ha ha ha. I sure as hell don’t feel like I look young enough to still be living at home.

In other news, my hands are itchy a lot lately. Scratchy scratchy. Everything seems to be the cause.

My bathroom faucet is leaking again. I know I need to replace the washer…but I can’t get the screw/bolt thing off. It’s like super glued shut. Right now I am treating it with vinegar in hopes that it will eat away at the calcium and let me loosen it. I’m gonna give it a few hours and if it doesn’t work, then I will try liquid wrench. If that don’t work? I am gonna be replacing a broken faucet. I hope. Because it maybe all the beating in the world wouldn’t get that thing loose. I know, you are sick of hearing about my faucet issues…but trust me, you aren’t as sick of them as I am.

I was invited to a birthday party for a girl turning 13 years old! Ha ha. She’s in my TKD class, and is the reason I started sparring again. She is just SO into it and I can’t help but to encourage such enthusiasm. I asked what they were doing this weekend to celebrate her birthday and she said they were going to Ultrazone with friends, and having ice cream cakes. I said “oh ice cream cake? That sounds great!” — which in turn brought about “you should come!”

We figured out on Tuesday that they live a few blocks away, so it’s entirely possible. I said I’d stop by around 7 tomorrow for some cake. J

Last night SIL called to say that her boss was going to have a BBQ on Monday. Well the boss is who bil Phil and his wife, Kandace live – so it’s practically a bbq at their house! Awesome. I was starting to lose hope of a Monday bbq. Of course, a bbq at Jessie’s cabin would have been far cooler and more fun, but one has to make do with what one has been offered.

We are going to ride bike to the Alliant Energy place for a brat tomorrow and also to pick up our vegetables. We got a pack of herbs last time that need to be planted. One of them is starting to turn yellow…I think that happens when all the nutrients are sapped out of the little bit of dirt they are in…right? I was going to plant them in my flower garden that is probably not there anymore because it all probably washed away in the rain we have had, but Tim said that the rabbits would eat the herbs. Is that true? WOULD the rabbits eat my herbs? I thought they only ate lettuce and carrots and stuff. I need to do something because they are fading…I guess I could go and get some dirt from the garden, put it in a pot and then transplant that…we don’t really need super fancy potting soil.

On Sunday we are going to visit my Dad near Neillsville, but first picking up my little bro in Warrens. Ugh…I wonder how big he is now. I mean, we were both the same height the last time I saw him…and I have a feeling those times are long gone. L The Red Eagle men tend to all be very, very tall. The shortest is my brother Doug who is only 6’ 1” (and you can be darn sure I remind him of how short he is too). ;) Then there is shrimpy ole me clocking in at 5’ 8.5” – pft. It’s a good thing shoes usually bring me up to at least 9…sometimes a respectable 10.

Today though…today I need to pay bills. Important bills like mortgage, cable and cell phone. I was thinking about doing some garage sales…but I dunno. I think I would rather take a shower, get dressed and figure out what fabulous thing I am going to do with my hair and figure out an outfit for a wedding tonigh. Which is kind of hard because Tim wants to walk to the location – about 40 minutes away, so I would need to wear sensible shoes. But I need to walk the Pludog before all of that.

Hm. You can rest assured that I will be taking my camera with me…a camera that incidentally needs it’s batteries recharged…. Good because I was beginning to think May was going to be a boring photo month.

AND…I don’t have to work again until next Thursday! So that means there will be plenty of time for me to get these photos online next week.

Okay, I should really get down to paying bills before the mail man comes.

Oh I watched a movie last night – Born into Brothels — really good documentary. I highly recommend it. I really enjoyed this little film

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