Whatta weekend. I am glad that I have today and tomorrow off, although in reality I kind of wish I had the whole damn week. When I think about it, I think that is what I wanted and tried to push for, but work has been really needy lately, and pushing back just as much to get me in there for my allotted time. I guess it’s time like this that being an LTE sucks. I don’t quite have the freedom to just take a week off and feel entitled to it because I don’t have those kinds of benefits. Plus, since I technically have every other day off …. people think I should shut the heck the up and quite complaining. Well, screw that, it’s my life and I can complain about not having a full, freaking week off if I want too.

Sigh. I am little bothered by how much this is bothering me. I am starting to feel trapped. Maybe I should change my days to be Mon, Tues, Wed, so I can have four days off at a time…ha. Like they would let that happen. :(

Yeah, so the weekend — the end result is that I have a TON of pictures to go through, edit and organize. I have a few other things I want to do … dangit. One of them I just forgot. I knew I should have written them down last night when I had them in my head. Now I only have one of them left…I hope it comes back. I just wrote it down now… But it’s part of that — if I had a whole week off, I could really do something neat.

Weekend included things like: garage sale, grocery shopping, bbq at brother in laws, Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire, cleaning the gutters, mowing the front and back lawns, bbq and visit at my Dad’s, picking up Andrew, visit to Choka Don at the powwow, wedding fun, inferno stint, brat fest, vegetable pickup, baked a pie, dishes, parade, Anasazi Boys, and watching for deer.

Whew! You would be tired too. I went to bed early last night to read a bit before crashing into sleep and really getting up at 10:00 this morning. Talk about sleeping in! I really haven’t done much now that I am up. To be honest, I don’t want to do much. The only thing that MUST be done today is washing the dishes, thinking of and making dinner, tkd and maybe sparring? Just writing that down feels like an awful lot.

But it’s only 12.30…I have five hours to slack and keep to myself. Maybe even think about uploading photos…but I could do that tomorrow too. Or later today, it really depends on my mood.

oh and we broke down and turned on the central air last night. The house temp was 84F, and the animals were suffering (or so says Tim). So I relented and let him turn it on. Sigh. It was hot, and sleep would have been hard…yet …. it’s heat. It’s warm. It’s so good. It’s all gloomified outside right now and wet, so going outside to hangout is icky.

If it weren’t for the animals I would have let it continue to be hot for a few more weeks before turning on the central air.

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