Kommst zu mir!

So yeah. It’s one of those days. Ride into work was fine. Ride home was even better. The dog ran around in the backyard showing off to the neighbors (they were by the fence quieting their barky dog Buzz — whom Tim calls Bubbles). I need to get this place cleaned up! We have some guests this weekend.

It’s funny. The only people who ever stay here overnight is people from up north or Minnesota. I guess us northern folk just value a dollar and friendship a little more than you southern folk. Heh.

Yeah so. That is what I should be doing. Not contemplating eating an ice cream cone. I should save that for later. GO DRINK WATER damnit.

I bought some sparring gear today — ouch. Expensive…but you know what? The first set of sparring gear I got was free to me…so I guess it’s okay. I know I am totally gonna feel like a huge dumbass for having a cage on my face, and one of those stupid looking chest guards. Ugh. I mean….I am gonna feel like an overdressed booger. BUT…. and let me stress that but….I have been sparring twice a week now for three weeks, and you know all that increased sparring means I have increased chance of getting a busted nose, black eye, split lip, cracked ribs, etc…you get the point. Last night I almost got a knee to the face … just the whisper of a touch …. and a warning to never bend forward after a kick.

Uh. Thanks — but with a face guard I can maybe get more to that golden, ever sought after — relaxed state. Now there is absolutely no need for me to be this injured if I just take the time to look like an overdressed bumpkin. Right? Right?! I guess it’ll be like when I started to wear a bike helmet last year. I felt like a total dudebag…but after awhile I got over it. I’ll get over this.

My legs are hurty though…my shin guards must have slipped a bit…and I have some huge bruises on my legs. Sexy, I know.

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