On Friday night Tim and I decided we should go sky diving. Neither one of us had done this kind of thing before, so we looked in the phone book for nearby schools. Apparently you have to take some kind of course so we decided to do the next best thing. Bungee jumping on Saturday.

Saturday morning bright and early, we take Pluto and Jack (dog sitting) to the dog park for a romp with some other greyhounds. The dog park folks haven’t cut the grass there in some time so many parts of it were very long. There was a worrisome 10 minutes when we couldn’t find one of the dogs! Everyone walked around calling “Zipper! Zipper!”. One person even suggested that he found a hole in the fence to the nearby woods. Panic ensued until he was located snoozing in a patch of grass by the picnic tables. Dogs! I tellya.

After the dog park we packed up the car and headed to Wisconsin Dells to fork over a bunch of money to put our lives in danger. After some getting lost and stopping a farmer on his tractor for directions, we found the place only to learn that the day’s jumps were already sold out! Bummer. We consoled ourselves with a huge heath, peanut M&M bizzard from DQ before heading back home. Just in time because we had some friends visiting from Minnesota. We met them at the Great Dane and ordered ribs all around (Saturday special). Afterward one went off to be the leader singer in a small metal band at a hesher fest going on at the local youth community center. I don’t remember the name of the death metal band, but I am sure you could probably make one up.

The rest of crew – Karen, Marta, Tim and I rollerbladed down and around State Street racking up cow points and taking photos. We had a refreshing swim in the remarkably clear lake outside of the Memorial Union, and then went home to drink wheat beer and shoot the shit.

Marta, who was Miss Czech 2000, had a facination with Native Americans (as most good Europeans do). So I showed her my Indian stuff, and we ended up having a little “photo” shoot. It was tons of fun. I like talking about indian things to people who are genuinely interested.

Sunday morning we cooked up a traditional midwestern breakfast and broke our fast outside on our deluxe target, safari collection patio furniture. I tell ya, those things are DARN nice. Tim went off to play a military minutures games and I took the gang to Olbrich Gardens were we crashed a wedding in progress. oops! They should put signs up.

Then we went to Woodman’s to get some beer for their trip back home, I got some really nice wine and we parted ways. I spent the rest of the afternoon writing letters, recording a home video, working on my novel and sleeping. Later that night we watched for our close friend’s “extra” part as a crew member on King Kong. We got only half way through before we closed up shop for the night.

[Note: Many elements of this post are not true.]

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