I have 546354 skeeter bites and they are driving me crazy! CRAZY.

Flipping little buggers…I hope they have a special place in hell.

Speaking of which, I wrote my supernatural story for my writing group today…actually I wrote it last night…and typed it up today and hate it. I think it might be too religious. Or maybe it’s that I am “putting something personal” out there. In some aspect. It’s due tomorrow. I think I am going to let it sit until tomorrow after work and then take a look at it again. I needs tweaking…

Today was good. I made scones but they aren’t sweet. Good thing jam is in exsistence and is not rare. I also made stuffed shells for dinner and it was all ready to be baked whenever DH got back from his skate. He got new skates yesterday. Bigger wheels and if you guess bigger wheels means more expensive, well then you are a freaking genius! Or possible just pratical. I like both. He said they are super light…I wish I could remember what they were called…. I could go look….eh.

Gosh, it feels like I hardly did anything all day — but cook. I guess cooking and dishes take up a lot of time. I also did some serious procrastinating..

OH those scones are from Carla (link on the left) — and they were a tad bit…not sweet. I never realized how addicted I am to sweet pasteries…but I didn’t have the cranberries and I think that was a key ingrediant to this recipe. However, they are best looking scones I have ever made. I can’t wait to experiment with this recipe…particularily with chocolate, nuts and whatnot.

Alrighty then. This is one of the lamest updates to date. I feel like I should imparting some juicy gossip. Stormy Tuesday nights are the perfect times for gossip.

What should I get Hilary for her birthday? I am at a loss. :/

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