It’s my Mom’s birthday today. I thought it was yesterday, for some reason I wrote down that her birthday was the 14, and for a few years I keep thinking that is it. Well, I any case her birthday card/present is going to be late, as I only got it last night. I got it after going to the Dog Park for Pluto. IT’s going to be hot and miserable the next few days and I wanted to make sure that he got a good run in. While it’s still cool this morning I was thinking of taking him for a walk then too.

Then package the package and go to the post office to mail that and Father’s Day cards.

On Tuesday noon, I met up with Kathleen for a free Tai Chi lesson on top of Monona Terrace. It was great! I really liked the class, but I was rather unprepared for the sun. The top of the Terrace is all white, no shade and under noonday sun means I got a sunburn on my shoulders and chest, and on my nose. It looked horrible! I looked like a drunk Katamari Prince’s Dad, like Tingle from Zelda….I hated it and quite honestly did my best to not leave the house after that. Today it’s starting to look a little better, and the sunburn on my chest is getting a bit itchy, so I guess that is a good sign.

I like tai chi, and will go for next Tuesday’s lesson, but armed with sunblock.

I have some great news, that I will wait until tomorrow to tell you. I am VERY happy about it and it makes Madison feel like a real, honest to god home now (in addition to the outdoor campgrill). I am even thinking of joining clubs, and becoming a lifelong charter member or something like that.

I need an idea for a vacation. Where does one look to find these things? We can fly out on a Monday, or late Sunday night, and come back by the next Sunday. I wouldn’t mind coming back on Friday either.

I feel overwhelmed in figuring that stuff out – like how to cash in airline miles and what not. I guess that makes me nervous. I’ll be honest folks — I have always gone though a travel agent, so the idea of doing this on my own is kind of scary, and yet I want to have a cheaper vacation….but then again I have had some agents go out of there way to make sure things go smoothly for me. I like having that “back up.”

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