Ha…well even with my second chance, I still haven’t sent those father’s day cards or my Mom’s Birthday present, or given Hilary her birthday present. Gah, these things are behind it would seem. So be it, it will get done. This adhereing to one day a year is baloney anyway.

Tim and I went on a 31 mike bike ride today, going on the Drumlin Trail starting in Cottage Grove and going to Lake Mills (and then into town to get a snack and a drink). Needless to say, we are pretty tired. It was almost….too much. But we did it. :) I love that victorious feeling. I do feel like bed though. We made smelt for dinner and a salad. I am so ready to cuddle up with my latest issues of Good Housekeeping and drift off to sleep. Besides, it’s almost 10. That would be okay.

Yeah. Tomorrow I am hoping to play Bingo with Laima. I hope she is still in and it’s a go.

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