I bingo’d yesterday with Laima over at DeJope. I totally lost, but at least I didn’t loose lots of money and I had fun. Bingo is surprisingly fun! Thank goodness we had a few helpers across the table from us give us Bingo pointers, and Laima is quick on the draw.

Oh she didn’t win either. But we are both winners because we had FUN.

I got another free week ahead of me, with Tuesday and Thursday off. WOO! I have a lot to do today.

1. Go to post office to send the package I have yet to package for my Mom.
2. Tai Chi at Monona Terrace at Noon
3. Possiblity sparring with Legion tonight (I wonder if he is back…)
4. Walk the dog.
5. TKD
6. Well, it felt like there was a lot more this morning and possibly even ten minutes ago. :P
7. Research vacation ideas.

What are those vacation ideas so far? Our brainstorming session yeilded:

Alaska: cruise, flight, or ferry
Visit to Washington State (to do what though…)
Puerto Rico
Virgin Islands
New England
Bed and Breakfast tour (Can be combined with these various location trips)
Niagra Falls
Adventure thingie
Universal Studios.

The one we really want is Alaska, but I think we might not have enough time to do anything good. :( It might have to wait.

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