Okay. I think we have our vacation figured out.

Fly to Bellingham, WA. Ferry to Orca Island and stay in BB for two days. Ferry back to Bellingham, board train to Seattle. Arrive Seattle, check in to hotel for three nights (this is the part that is unplanned right now). Check out early Sat. morning and fly back to Chicago, arrive by afternoon.

WOO! I am so freaking excited. Our first real vacation! I’d call this a honeymoon but that’ s just stupid. Honeymoons happen the first year of marriage, after that they are called VACATIONS! Also, there is no such thing as renewing your vows, unless of course there is a divorce in between them.

Then Diary of Dreams is playing at Nocturna next Saturday … I can’t tell you how long I have been waiting to see them.

Did I mention to you mofo’s that Tim got a new job? I am sure I did, which would explain why we are going on a vacation in between the ending of his current one and the starting of the new one. The job is SUPER sweet too…it’s the utility company for Madison. Bike riding distance in the morning, lunching opportunities, beautiful sexy benefits…oh sweet job. It’s totally my dream job….for Tim. :)

Devotcha or something is playing next Friday. Tim want to see them.

Tim is in his first 1/2 marathon inline skate this weekend for Badger State games. I am gonna be some moral support and thus am giving up my opportunity to pay 35-40 bucks to win a trophy in women’s sparring. That is a double edged sword…you see there just aren’t that many women fighter’s out there…most of the women that show up to tournaments do forms.

Forms…is SO boring. Please. Snore. ZZZzzzzzzt! Thus, there is a good chance I would pay and then win the trophy by default because I was the only who showed up. See? That isn’t any fun, and I feel like it’s lying. I might has well buy a trophy off the internet and give it to myself.

Then there is a party this weekend…and so far nothing for 4th of July. I should fire up the campfire and invite some folks over…yeah that would be fun. A four day weekend….nice! Then a party on the 8th, and camping on the 14, 15 and 16th.

My little brother is coming … well I guess it will have to wait now until after we are back from Washington…well he should have contacted us earlier.

I want to get the heck out of work and go garage sailing! There are gajillions of them out there right now.

Last night I had a great night hanging out with Laima and Hilary on Laima’s secluded screened in porch with a bottle of port, sitting under colored light. It was the coziest, nicest night I have had in ages. It was the kind of night they show in movies about “girlfriends” bonding and stuff. Yeah.

I am wearing the shirt H-dog gave me for my birthday with a black tank underneath…it’s quite cute. I even got a compliment from the hottest man in Tulane about how “good” I looked. :P

And tonight, of course, if afterwork beers at the High Noon Saloon!

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