My head is going to explode. This vacation stuff sucks.

The ferry that was supposed to get us from Bellingham to Orcas went out of business. THen I had to find somehow to get us way the fuck out of our way to Anacortes to take a Ferry, and THEN the lady at the BnB tells us we should really rent a car.

Now. How do we get there, should we rent a car on the island or rent it someplace else, drive it to ferry place and take it over…blah blah blah. Or fly a plane. That is our current top one…and take a ferry BACK to Bellingham from Orcas. We are both exhausted from this. I am still not quite sure what we will do. I am going to call the two charter planes tomorrow and see who can do what.

That brought up the next issue of where we are going to stay in Seattle and for how much. Well, hotels apparently cost an arm and leg. FUCK! So after lots of looking, a well placed call to a parent, and then my own search for bed and breakfasts….I might have found a place for a 99 bucks a night at a BnB. I have some calls into other places for rates and availability…but at least for now…I have one place.

Great sigh of relief. I think we might be eatings lots of sandwiches.

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