It’s 8.44 and I should be Nephew sitting at 9.30…good thing it’s only 10 minutes away (on bike). I was thinking about sneaking in a shower before that…which probably would eat at away at my updating time….hm.

Things to do today: email laima about saturday and say that we might leave earlier, email eric and kate to tell them the same thing, and ask hilary to stop to in an let the dog out sometime during the night. If she can’t then figure out another option. Hm

Man, a shower would be nice…if only for my stupid hair. It’s all greasimified. I remember when I was in High School we had one of those detachable nozzles in the bathroom shower, so it was easy to just wash my hair and go, instead of getting all wet. Our shower is firmly attached to the top….and our faucet doesn’t seem conclusive to being hooked up to anything. I mean, the faucet in my high school growing up bathroom had some kind of screw thing…actually so did the faucent now that I think about it. Hm.

Geez. Would I have time? It’s now 8:50….I mean I can always babble on later here….yea.

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