Top: Eric, Kate, Laima
Bottom: Laura, Tim

Holy 4th of July Weekend Batman!

Thurday, June 29

Typical day at home. I met up with Hilary around 8.30 and we dressed up (photos in gallery to be posted later this week), and went to Cafe Momarte to sit outside and have a drink under the starlit night. It was nice…very nice. The kind of nice that you remember back on fondly when you are 78 years old and remembering the old days of Madison.

Friday, June 30

Werk. I glanced around for garage sales on my way home but didn’t find anything. Instead I opted to try out ‘quilling’ (current project some black eyed susans…hey I’ll take a picture later and post it on tceku while watching a horribly trashy movie on lifetime. It was the perfect mental break I needed. Later on the DH came home and took a nap. I biked over to Woodmans and bought us a dinner of: frech bread, cheese ravoli, fancy marinara sauce and salad dressing. We had our own salad fixings at home, we just needed dressing. Dinner we AWESOME!

Then we got changed and went off to The Annex to see Devotchka , and a surprise bonus, the opening band Canasta was quite good. Normally, I don’t like live music that I have never heard before, but this time it was an exception. IT was also my first time at the Annex. The venue was a lot bigger and nicer than I expected. I also saw a Timmon’s look alike. I wonder how that guy is doing…

I also ran into Mr. Houseman who was there with his girlfriend. That was a nice surprise. :) Was home and in bed by 2:00. I was quite tired.

Saturday, July 1

Slept in. Oh it was nice to sleep in too. I forget what else happened that morning, but Tim and Pluto went off to Petsmart East for Meet and Greet. I stayed home and read a magazine while drinking coffee out on the patio. It was the start of a beautiful day. Later on we picked up vegetables, picked up Laima and headed off to Chicago to see my favorite band in the entire world play a concert (I never thought it would happen, I thought I would have to go to Germany to see them). But first we met up with Eric and Kate and went to eat, played pool at the Gingerman and then too the Metro…well, this is my friends account:

Laima: the whole afternoon/evening surrounding Diary of Dreams was eeeeexcellent…. from the drive filled with good music to the friendly K&E duo to the awesome vietnamesse food (Order #702!) to the whole DoD show….. i got back to M-town around… 5am, i think?

The show was more than excellent, let me tell you. It was fantastic,…great…inspiring…coool….all that in a bundle. The best part? Afterward I got a chance to shake his hand TWICE and have a conversation. *swoon*

Also, I saw Ghengis there! He still hates me with a firey passion, but that didn’t stop him from wishing me a good night when we were leaving! Ha ha ha ha.

Sunday, July 2

We got to bed around 6:00Am. I couldn’t sleep, I dozed a little for two or three hours before I just got up and zombied my way through the day. Hilary and Mina came over for a visit to Pluto and I. We later went on a search for the perfect outside padded, lounge chair which I ended up getting at Menards, on sale. Seriously, why do I ever bother looking at Farm and Fleet? They never have what I want.

THe rest of the day was spent kind of sleeping on and off. Tim was gone at a marathon gaming session and came back at 7:15 pretty wrecked. But not too wrecked that he couldn’t go over to Popeye’s for some chow later on. :)

In-laws, Phil, Candace and Kaleb came over and I rode bike downtown with them to watch the madison fireworks. We ended up not at James Madison Park but rather behind the church on top of that hill on the same road. The place that advertises couple’s counseling. ;) I only got one skeeter bite for my efforts!

Monday, July 3

Slept in, and MAN oh MAN did that feel good. To be honest I don’t quite remember what I did with most of the day. Probably watched some TV, sat outside and read on my new chair, and then went shopping for some video game Tim wanted and then for food. At 6:30 the Samsa’s, Laima, Craig, Phil, Candace and Kaleb all came for a BBQ, and firepit session. IT was fun! We ended up going until 12:00 when we shut the party down, again only one skeeter bite for my efforts.

Tuesday, July 4

Woke up, brought some 4th of July cookies over to our neighbors in exchange for the extra housekey — they had come over Saturday night to let Pluto out. They told me that he didn’t go potty once! That means Pluto held it for more than 12 hours! Gah. Stupid dog. Thank god there weren’t any accidents.

Then we packed up the dog and headed to Chilton to visit Tim’s parents for a very last minute invitation to a BBQ. The first, I would like to add, that we have ever been invited too by the rents. Not just a bbq…but an invitation to do anything! We couldn’t really say no to that, now could we? We showed up and were the only two people there, but they had enough food for 12 people. Needless to say, we brought a lot of it home. In exchange for the food, we put together some patio furniture for them, and had a very relaxing afternoon admiring the scenery and the amish. They have amish neighbors across the field and I can’t help to watch them. Next time I am bringing binaculars so that I can watch the Amish upclose in thier natural habitat.

Got back around 8ish. I watched Il Postino and then went to bed. I had a horrible time going to sleep because of the fireworks. Finally I had to put in earplugs and that helped.

Tim said this morning that the trashy neighbors decided to set off fireworks at 4 in the morning. Our Schnauzer neighbor came out and yelled at them to stop it. To which our white trash neighbors responded “Suck my cock.” She replied “Alright then, I’m calling the police.” The White Trashers responded with a defiant firework sent in the neighbors yard (who by the way is two houses down) and then stopped.

We don’t know if the police were actually called, but you know the police are always at this house, so I am sure they are kept on the rolodex. It sounds horrible to say, but I kind of hope that the elderly uncle they are taking advantage of, kicks it soon so that they can leave. IF the debts from the uncle doensn’t kick them out of the house then the property taxes will. Yeah, I know, 2-3K in taxes doesn’t sound like much, but to a bunch of idiotic young adults who doesn’t know the first thing are financial responsiblity? Well, that means they will get booted eventually…I just hope it doesn’t take two to three years.

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