OH let’s see. Where did I leave off?

Right. I left of on Wednesday. Well that makes sense. I ended up working Wednesday, Thursday and Friday last week, and this week I am working Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Its like I have a full time job…okay, almost a full time part time job. Gah! Trust me, the dishes are piling up…(okay they aren’t…but the table is covered! and there isn’t any food in the refrigerator, laundry is not put away or washed, housework is getting behind). Well, I can’t have a messy house before we leave on vacation. For one, there is nothing worse than coming back from fabulous vacation to a dirty, messy house. Second, we have house sitters….and I don’t want to leave the house messy for them. Thirdly, Andrew is coming on the 24th, and I don’t have time to clean up the spare bedroom and the house in anticipation of his visit.
You heard that Liama…get those yard work things in order!

So let’s see…on Thursday I worked, and then…uh….nothing? Yeah. Nothing. I was tired from the 4th weekend, I did go to TKD though and was invited then to see Pirates of the Caribbean with Little Girl and her Mom on Friday. So…Friday after work, I went home and outside to work on a letter, then Little Girl and her Mom picked me up about 5:00 and we headed off to see the Pirates. Of course the show we wanted to see was sold out (the 5.30), but there was a 6.15. So we got tickets for that and went over to Animart to look at animals. The movie was…not as good at the first one. But you know? IT was fun to see a movie in the theater. It has been a long, long time ….and I really like Little Girl and her Mom. We could talk for a lot longer than we do.

Saturday we went to the Dog Park for a one lapper. Pluto didn’t like the heat and was pooped pretty quickly. Then I strong armed Hilary into a trip to look at Art on the Square. I actually got my first piece of something at Art Fair — a decorate bird sculpture that you use as the light switch thing for over head fans/lights. It’s awesome and in the office. I want to steal the idea and make a few of my own. I could do it (if I put my back into it.) Then Saturday night Tim and I headed off to a Fiesta themed party with really awesome food, folks and drinks. They made margarita’s that might rival Tim’s — their secret weapon? A bottle of corona!

Sunday, I didn’t sleep to well because visions of split pants, water fights, fireworks too close to human appendages and houses, and too many margarita’s. Eventually I got up and DH and I went to American All Star for breakfast, and then over to Brian and Tonya’s for some World Cup action on a HD TV. It’s amazing how clear everything is on those. I think the question on everyone’s mind is what the heck was said to Zidane to make him all crazy like that?

The rest of the day was spent reading, watching 50 First Dates and the 4400, walking Pluto and eating salad. It took a while for me to get to sleep again…I think everyone has a little summer insomnia right now. I don’t think that is necessarily a problem. I mean, we sleep more in the winter so it would only make sense to stay up more in the summer. Right?

I am doing my best to not get overwhelmed by vacation and camping. It’s a pretty full week, once it starts. I notice that when I get overwhelmed I get angry easily over things I don’t really care that much about when I am calm. Like camping, so many last minute bailers. I don’t think that it’s that they are not going that bothers me, it’s that my time was wasted (because at some point they indicated they would go). It is for this reason that I could never be a big event planner.

Why is commitment such a hard thing to do? It’s not that hard, when you think about it. You say you are going to do something, you do it. I don’t mean just events, I mean actually commitments that you make to friends, loved ones, your pets and yourself. I know I shouldn’t get worked up about it. I remember my Grandmother once wrote in her diary about a coworker. This coworker worked really hard and fast, and my grandmother complained that it was unfair of that coworker to expect the same out of everyone else. “Not everyone is like her or can do the things she can do.” I guess that is true. I bet there are some people out there that feel the same way I do about commitment for other things. I had this one friend once who took social politeness to an extreme level and expected the same of others. Tim for example, puts a heavy weight on intelligence, others think sense of humor is important, and still others value timeliness.

So yeah, I gotta get the house in order, do laundry, get the camping stuff ready, pack for vacation and have lots of fun. Man, having fun is lots of work. I really hope it’s worth it once we are started on the vacation. I hope our flights all work out, and are arrangements work out. I hope that our house doesn’t burn down, or our animals die. I hope Tim and I don’t kill each other by the end. ;) No, I’m just kidding. I think it will be fun. I can’t believe this is his last week at his current job. Soon he’ll have to be leaving the house at the same time as I do (and on his bike!) to get to work, instead of having long leisurely breakfasts. Either that or get up earlier, which is think is very, very unlikely.

I can’t believe how far behind I am on letters too. Sheesh.

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