Last week when I visited Lowen, I caught her while she was cooking for the week. I was so impressed that she made three dishes and put them in the fridge for later use. Well, we have lots and lots of vegetables and they have been piling up a bit, and we have no food…and I was sick of it and inspired by Lowen to do something about it.

So. I made: zucchini bread, fennel au gratin, sweet and spicey gold beets, radish/green bean stir fry with spinach/mixed greens and rice, a cold, beet top (the leafy part) soup, and a fresh, basil pesto for dinner tomorrow night (just make pasta). It took me about 3-4 hours…there were emergency breaks in there when I realized that gold beets are not anything like radishs (whoops!), and we didn’t have milk or eggs and DH had to get them on the way home.

Also, I reread my last post and realized that I neglected to use the word “not” in several key sentences. What the heck! I did it three twice for vital sentences that I counted. That is what I get for writing a post over the course of a morning at work. I just open a notepad thing and type…you can minimize them to be super small and since it’s only text no one ever suspects a thing. Then I cut and paste it here when I am ready.

Okay, I am going to walk Pluto and then go to bed earlyish. Night!

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